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Håkan Östlundh, Lotta Kühlhorn

Fixa fest!

Fixa fest!

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Now we want to hang out in festive ways again! The book Fix a party! shows how to best organize a party.

Of course it's wonderful to be invited to a party! To meet new and old acquaintances, mingle, laugh and eat well. You can live with a fun party for a long time, pick it up as a beautiful memory and be happy and inspired by it.

If you haven't previously understood how important it is to be able to socialize in festive ways, dinners, mingling parties, birthday parties, afternoon parties and hastily thrown together summer parties, it has definitely dawned on you during the Corona pandemic when we haven't been able to meet and party as usual.

On the other hand, many people feel that it is less enjoyable to invite yourself because it is associated with a lot of planning and uncertainty. Will the guests enjoy themselves? Will the food be ready on time? And what about the neighbors, should they start complaining just when it's the most fun? The book Fix the party! is an inspiring popsicle filled with creative tips, experienced advice and smart thoughts on how to best throw a party.

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