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Nina Johanna Christensen



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Product of the month in the store - December 2021

Vase in the series "Grow" designed by Nina Johanna Christensen .

Dimensions: Height approx. 10cm.

Nina Johanna Christensen is a glassblower, designer and artist who works with both small-scale commercial production and unique works.

"Whether you're blowing a large sculpture or a small vase, you always start with a small, simple bubble. This inspired me for the Grow vase. An extra layer of the warm, liquid glass mass is spun on and gives the vase the opportunity to grow larger. Traces of this movement may remain and give the vase its character. "

In her work, she looks for something simple, unadorned and raw. Much of her inspiration comes from different parts of the physical work process of the craft of glassblowing. For example. the movement when she spins the hot glass on the barrel and the movement of the glass when it is hot and liquid.

By leaving clear traces in her products of the physical processes surrounding the craft, Nina tells the story of how they came to be. The prerequisites for being able to blow glass – the tools, the high temperatures and the furnaces required – are something she does not take for granted. She wants to make useful, beautiful objects in glass and at the same time pass on the history of this ancient craft.

Read more about Nina Johanna Christensen here .

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