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Olof Kolte

Step Up Stool

Step Up Stool

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Olof Kolte + Kristianstad Regional Museum

Olof got stuck for a step stool in the collections.
Step stools were often made for demanding environments; a good craft with joints where the wood takes the load and the screws hold the parts in place - a prerequisite for them to hold. Olof's step stool is adapted for the home environment in that the format is easy to handle and the top “step” is designed to also be able to sit on. The pallet comes unassembled in parts in cardboard, soap flakes are included for surface treatment.

Measure: 40 x 47 x 45 cm

Skåne Museum Collection is a pilot project between Form / Design Center, Malmö Museums, 9 designers working in Skåne and 9 Skåne museums. The collaboration aims to produce local products inspired by objects in the Scanian museums' collections.

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