BEAST Studio

BEAST Studio is Li and Robert, two designers who love print and communication. The studio opened in 2013 and specializes in graphic design, and also runs a print shop where risograph technology is central. BEAST Studio works both with assignments from customers and has its own production.

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Where were you born?
Li was born and raised in Malmö and Robert in Eskilstuna.

How old are you?
We were born on either side of the 1980 line.

Where do you live?
In central Malmö.

What do you do for a living?
We work with graphic design and rice printing, as well as holding workshops and little else. It has happened that our customers are often active in art and other creative expressions, which we are happy about.

Favorite place?
Among sprouting plants on the lot, with the dogs in the forest and in our studio at Drottningtorget.

Favorite material?
Paper and ink are high on the list.

Favorite designer?
We have many designers we like, and can be inspired a lot by ones we barely know the name of. Everything from covers for Blue Note records and dozen books from the 1960s, to strict typographic grids and freeform design.

Favorite color?
Every color has its place, impossible to choose a favorite!

What inspires you?
Colors, shapes and materials on everything possible in the built world and nature.

Your vision/business idea?
Our vision is to be a creative partner to collaborate with, partly with graphic design or as a print supplier, but also to develop ideas and concepts.

Biggest mistake?
There have been many mistakes over the years, thankfully we learn a little from each one. A large part of our "education" in risography has been by making mistakes and testing ourselves, continuing with what works and trying to avoid what has led to problems.

Dream project?
A dream project that came true was putting together the exhibition That's RISO! at the Form/Design Center.

The next project?
More collaborations, more design, more printing techniques!