Goldsmith Kinna Sturesson

Kinna Sturesson's greatest driving force in her profession as a goldsmith is to search for the hidden potential in the material and to continue developing new collections. She finds inspiration everywhere and thinks that almost anything can be turned into a small portable mini-sculpture. All stages of production are as environmentally sustainable as possible and she likes to transform old gold and silver into new, unique jewellery . Since 2003, Kinna has run her own shop and studio at Mäster Henriksgatan in Malmö.

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Where are you born?
Lyckeby outside Karlskrona

How old are you?
55 years.

Where do you live?
Carefree in Malmö

What are you doing?
Gold and Silversmithing

Favorite place?
Karlskrona Archipelago.

Favorite material?
18k gold!

Favorite designer?
Torben Hardenberg

Favorite color?
Emerald green

what inspires you?
The discovery of small everyday details such as an unusually beautiful leaf, branch or insect. When I lift my gaze from the small, to larger objects or house facades, I have a tendency to be fascinated by worn surfaces with patina, the worn and damaged.

Your vision/business idea?
Since 2001 I run my own shop and workshop. There I create jewelery in close collaboration with the customer. I prefer to use recycled materials.
My way of working is intuitive, the best result is always when I am allowed to improvise.

Biggest mistake?
When I accepted too many assignments at the same time.

Dream project?
When the trust of a regular customer is great enough to let me have a free hand. There is nothing better than being able to put the flame to old ugly bismarck links that are transformed into the customer's new favorite piece of jewelry.

The next project?
A ring to be given tomorrow as a present. It should be inspired by a forest star and made of gold, silver and black diamond.