Kauppi & Kauppi


Kauppi & Kauppi is a designer duo with roots in northern and southern Sweden. Johan and Nina both have a Master's degree from the University of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. In 2016, the joint studio Kauppi & Kauppi was established in Sweden, after a few years abroad in New York and Frankfurt.

The design studio relates to design in all scales, from spatial projects to tactile objects in the hand scale. The studio's design philosophy is characterized by the search for a stripped-down and restrained design, and a celebration of the added values that make projects unique and genuine. The inspiration is often found in the contrasts, between north and south and in the dynamics between tranquil nature and vibrant city.

Kauppi & Kauppi have won several international awards such as Archiproducts Design Award, Muuuz International Award and a handful of German Design Awards, to name a few of their honorary awards.