Andrea Santivanez, who runs Studio Andrea , is a multidisciplinary designer who largely works with product development and manufacturing processes. Andrea is currently based in Malmö. Has a degree with MFA and design from Lund University.

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Where are you born?
I was born and raised in Lund

How old are you?
29 years

Where do you live?
I live in Malmo

What are you doing?
I am an industrial designer. My design studio mainly works with small-scale production of objects in the borderland between art and design that explores craft traditions and cultural heritage in combination with modern production methods.

Favorite place?
My favorite place is Malmö in the summer, I like to go to old harbor and industrial areas and check out everything that is left of old Malmö.

Favorite material?
Right now it's stainless steel, I think it falls between the cracks for what are considered glamorous materials.

Favorite designer?
Yinka Ilori, no doubt.

Favorite color?
Ultramarine blue

what inspires you?
Popular culture and (this might sound basic but)... brutalist architecture.

Biggest mistake?
As a designer, my absolute biggest mistake was to avoid learning 3D modeling as long as possible. I thought it seemed so scary that I hid in the cafeteria during the lessons offered at school. When the pandemic came and the workshops closed, I was badly forced to learn via an online course for SEK 80. It turned out to be both fun and save me an extreme amount of time. My advice to anyone afraid: get it over with!

Your vision/business idea?
As a designer, I work with storytelling and local production as clear core values. Turning a story or a juicy piece of gossip into a designed product is a way for me to reach people.

Dream project?
Design a scenography for a play. Maybe together with some fun lighting designer.

The next project?
Right now I'm working on something for Southern Sweden Design Days 2022 ! But apart from that, I am working on a new small-scale production together with a local producer in Malmö.