Swedenland ceramics

Swedenland ceramics is an experimental design studio that, with both function and style in mind, uses colors, shapes, clays, natural materials and glazes to realize their ideas - all handmade in Limhamn.

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Where are you born?

How old are you?
48 years.

Where do you live?

What are you doing?
Mainly a lot of everything possible in clay. Both utility objects, art and applied art. And icing experiments. Then I also design textile home furnishings and some in other natural materials.

Favorite place?
Exactly where I am right now actually! Both geographically and in life.

Favorite material?
Clay is unbeatable.

Favorite designer?
Oops, I can't pick one. I like Fredrik Paulsen, and Åsa Jungnelius mainly for the attitude. Clara von Zweigbergk makes a lot of fun.

Favorite color?
It is in the combination of colors that it is best.

what inspires you?
Things that are a little crazy, sharp colors, shapes, humor, city life and movement. Everything possible alive actually.

Your vision/business idea?
Have fun and believe in it!

Biggest mistake?
Amen, it was enough to start the Bachelor of Economics program. It was boring.

Dream project?
The dream project is to live on the projects I take on, and that I only do projects that make me passionate.

The next project?
To build up a destination in Limhamn. It will be a ceramics studio, shop and restaurant in a super lovely place near the sea!